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How Is This Smartphone Accessory Not Getting Its Due Attention Is Beyond Me

I am sure you have seen a ton of this in the market, but rest assure, the Flipside, as it is called, is a little different from those ring thingy that sticks to the back of your smartphone It is true the Flipside has a ring, but also, it is more than just a ring for a secure hold on your precious handset. For starter, the ring rotates 360degrees for freedom of hold without removing and reinserting your finger.

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The Download: TripTech Flipside

With mobile phone screen sizes increasing, some say it’s getting harder to keep a firm grip on their devices.  There are lots of grips and handles that can give your fingers something to hold on to. Some even are built right into the case.However, few are as functional as the TripTech Flipside phone grip.The Flipside has a unique ball socket ring design. The rotating finger ring on the back gives phone stability.

The New Review: Inflatable bathtubs and high-tech phone grips

On this edition of The New Review: Danny shows us a new grip to stick on the back of your phone (Triptech) and an inflatable bathtub (Tubble) from the Netherlands.
This ground-breaking phone accessory is the perfect household necessity for while you're cooking, FaceTiming, working out, watching a video, and more. Triptech’s Flipside has a finger ring, built-in GPS mount for your vehicle, wide kickstand that actually holds up all phones, secondary kickstand for hard touch typing or scrolling, and it is snag free in or out of your pocket.
And finally, I tried the Flipside. As someone who cut the cord from cable last year, I mainly watch YouTube TV on my smartphone. I’ve propped my phone with pillows, books, etc., but the Flipside is right on. You attach it to the back of your phone and pull out the little kickstand that I can set up anywhere. There’s a ring in the middle for your finger for those that need a better grip on the phone while carrying it. It also has two attachments that pull out and let you hook the phone into your car vent for easier GPS directions or just talking on the phone hands free. Comes in 11 colors; I ordered the purple and black, and I ain’t giving it back learn more 
This cellphone accessory with the clever name (think triptych) offers three simple utilities for your device: ring grip, kickstand, and GPS mount. It comes with a 3M-branded adhesive tape (did they know they were sending to Minnesota?), a helpful QR code to scan for the YouTube video on installing the product, and recommendations on where to place the Triptech on your phone given how you like to hold it and text with one hand. For $19.99, the Triptech, which is available in 11 colors, offers a kickstand option for both portrait and landscape as well as a way to mount your phone in your vehicle’s air vents. But the weight of my phone meant it slipped out of my air vents easily. This product is a good all-in-one item for those looking to add these features directly to their phone, but the fairly lightweight plastic had me reaching for my sturdier pop socket and separate car mount that accommodates my phone as well as my husband’s.
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