The Ultimate Phone Grip

Your phone is bare and subject to damage without a great accessory. Are you still willing to drop your phone, prop it up on a cup, fumble around with it, hold it while you drive, be less productive, and not have the convience the best stands on the market! Just think about how many times you fall into these catagories. Flipside was engineered around these issues and is for you, the people, to enjoy your phone usage without the hassles while adding protection.

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Smartphones have become sophisticated, but has the ability to use them? Answer: There is no good solution without an accessory. We were just like you, stuck! Be prepared with a Ring Grip, 3 stands, and a GPS mount.

Changing the Game

Imagine being able to use your phone like never before! Whether your taking Selfies, watching videos, business, emails, facetime, texting, gaming, or using the Car Mount. All these features packed into a slim stylish Phone Grip. No more limitations.


Ring Grip

Ease the tension off your hand and secure your phone with unrivaled maneuverability.

Viewing Stand

Viewing content has never been so easy with our wide base viewing stand.

Portrait Stand

You can Zoom and Facetime with friends, family, or for your work meetings.

Impact Stand

Hard touch? No problem. This is the only stand in the world that can take impact.

Car Mount

Our vent mount goes where your phone does. Never be without a mount again.

360 Degree Rotating Ring Grip

Dropping your Phone? Keep your Phone safe and secure while gaining maneuverability and functionality! Selfies or doing business with your phone has never been easier.

Viewing Stand

Hassle free video viewing is now perfected. Our wide stand accommodates all phone sizes with sturdiness and durability. Balancing your phone is a thing of the past.

Portrait Stand

Facetime or Zoom meetings made easy with our portrait stand! The Vertical and Face Front orientation makes video communication a gamechanger.

Impact Stand

The First and only of its kind! Our impact stand gives the option of gaming, emails, texts, and hard touch to your phone without it falling over.

Vehicle Mount

A Vehicle mount is necessary today for your GPS needs. Flipside has an Universal mount that goes with your phone. Fits most standard vents styles and is there when you need it!

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