Why Flipside?

Great question!  How many accessories for accessories do you have for your smartphone?  Too many?  Or maybe you don't have the accessory when you need it most.  Flipside has got you covered: stop dropping your phone and ease your grip tension on the daily with the security of the finger ring, a built in GPS mount for your vehicle, a wide kickstand that actually holds up all phones, a secondary kickstand for hard touch typing or scrolling, and it is snag free in or out of your pocket.  Oh man, that was a lot!
In 2018 inventor & engineer Matt Hogue realized the smartphone struggle was real.  While he was on a plane ride back to California, he was trying to watch the free in flight movie and became frustrated because their was nothing to hold up his smartphone.  He decided to craft a stand for his smartphone out of the plastic ware that came with the meal he ordered.  About 15 minutes into the movie and feeling satisfied about his new found solution, the gears started turning in his head.  

Founder's Journey

As a young boy, Matt Hogue was always entertained by gadgets.  He was driven to understand how things fit together and why they functioned in the way they do.  Through his life, he pursued his desire of gaining continuous knowledge of the way things work.  

In 2009, at the age of 25, Matt went to school for engineering.  While working and going to school at the same time, he finally finished his degree and was working in mainstream industry.  While working for some great corporations, entrepreneurism was quickly growing within him.

In 2018, Matt went to work on his newly discovered smartphone frustrations.  As he started to solve one problem, he soon realized their were multiple unsolved problems with the use of smartphones.  Working his full time job during the day, he was working full time at night to bring practical solutions to the product.  After eight design iterations and product development, Flipside was born.  A multi-tool attachment designed to enhance each users ability to harness the power of their smartphone.

An illustration of a hand holding a cell phone with text around it in a circle that reads: Our mission is to create the most functional phone accessories
Our Mission
Everyone today has a smartphone and yet we all lack the functionality to use them. That's why the Flipside was created. Giving you a phone accessory that's not Flimsy, Ugly, or Single Function. Switch your grip and join us on the Flipside of the phone accessory experience!